Energy Performance Certificates

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Energy Performance Certificates

What is an EPC?

An EPC looks similar to the energy performance labels provided on household electrical appliances and shows how energy efficient a particular property is. More efficient properties will have lower lighting and heating costs as well as producing less carbon dioxide emissions.


An EPC will grade a property from A- G where A is the most energy efficient rating and G is the least energy efficient. The energy efficiency rating of a property will vary according to many factors such as age, heating, lighting, ventilation, building fabric and insulation.


An EPC will give some recommendations on energy performance improvements which can be made to a property and will also give an indication of the cost of implementing these improvements and the estimated financial savings which can be made in fuel bills.

When is an EPC required?

From 2008 an EPC is required for all domestic properties being sold or rented to tenants. An EPC needs to be available to potential tenants or buyers as soon as the property is marketed for sale or rent so that they can see how much the likely energy costs are.


An EPC is not required for the following:


  • Listed buildings which are listed by English Heritage
  • Temporary buildings with a planned usage time of two years or less
  • Residential buildings which are intended to be used less than four months of the year
  • Standalone buildings with a floor area less than fifty metres square
  • When renting out individual rooms in a H.M.O property
  • Holiday accommodation that’s rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy

EPC Property Assessment

To produce an accurate energy performance certificate for your property it is essential to have the most accurate information possible. We will need to know the age of the property and any extensions. If there have been any energy improvements to the property such as double glazing, solar panels, cavity wall insulation or other improvements it will be necessary to provide the documentation for this.


Floor Plan

To carry out an EPC on a property it is necessary to draw a basic plan of the property.

This will show how many rooms there are and the location and number of things like lights, radiators, windows and doors. The floor plan is also used to work out the heat loss perimeter of the property which will be used to calculate the area of the property where heat is lost to the outside environment.


Loft Insulation

If a loft is present with an access hatch it is necessary to see if there is any loft insulation present and if so measure the depth of the insulation. Properties with greater depths of insulation or more modern insulation types will have less heat loss through the roof spaces meaning that it will be cheaper to heat.



All domestic energy assessor accreditation bodies carry out routine audits to ensure that energy assessments are being carried out correctly and accurately. When carrying out an EPC it will be necessary to take photos of the exterior elevations of the property and also other things like thermostats, radiators, boilers and windows.

setting a boiler temperature after a legionella risk assessment
setting a boiler temperature after a legionella risk assessment

Example Energy Performance Certificate

Property Details

Address of the property, details of the assessor and the date the assessment was carried out.

Estimated Energy Costs

This section shows the estimated energy cost of running the property and gives an indication of how much could be saved over 3 years with energy improvements.

Energy Efficiency Rating

This section shows how energy efficient the property currently is and also gives an indication of how energy efficient it could be.

Recommended Energy Improvement Measures

This section highlights recommended energy improvement measures and gives an idea of the typical energy savings which could be made.

More Information & Advice Leaflets

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