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Landlord Property Inventories

Inventory Reports

This is a detailed and accurate description of the condition and contents of the property backed up with photographic evidence. This will describe things like the ceiling, walls, flooring, doors, units, furniture and state their condition. This will then form the baseline for the comparison at the end of the tenancy. Without a detailed and accurate inventory report of the contents and condition at the start of a tenancy it is unlikely that the landlord will be able to deduct money from the tenants deposit to cover damages if they lodge a dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme.

Inventory prices start at just £49.99

Check In Report prices start at just £49.99

Check In Reports

At check in we meet with the tenant and check through the inventory and make any changes necessary. On completion of the check in the tenant signs the inventory to confirm that they are satisfied that it is an accurate report of the condition and contents of the property. Details of keys handed to the tenants and also utility meter readings are recorded.

Check Out Reports

At the end of the tenancy we will carry out a detailed inspection of the property and compile a check out report. This will detail the condition of the property and highlight any cleaning issues, damage or missing items. We will collect keys from the tenant along with their forwarding details and record the final utility meter readings.

Check Out Report prices start at just £49.99

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